2019 FMS GM 604 late model rules...


All Fastrak rules Except *****TIRES******

You have 4 different tire rule packages to choose from

1-FASTRAK TIRES....FT 200,400

2- SECA TIRES.... Hoosier HTS 1350 & 1600 (DRS 1600 OK). No Grooving or Siping (Buffing permitted). Crate Racin' USA D21 & D55 OK (NO Steer Tires)

3- American crate all star TIRES..
ires: Open tire rule on the front. Hoosier 1600, Hoosier HTS 1600, LM40, Crate USA D55, American Racer 56s on rear. Grooving and siping is permitted.

4- (Friendship Speedway rule)American Racer pro2,or American racer 44,48.(Grooving and siping allowed)

****All TIRE rules fall into this *******

No chemical alteration. Durometer will be spot checked and suspicious tires will be sampled.
. Tires may be inspected at any time (numbers, specs, altering, etc.). Tires may be checked by independent lab for treating and other