2020 Extreme FWD's Rules


1. 1980 or newer front wheel drive, 4 Cylinder passenger cars only. No all wheel drive or all wheel steering allowed. No vans or pick-up trucks.

2. Body must maintain original dimensions, standard as from the manufacturer. Original body material may be patched / replaced with sheet metal as long as original body lines remain. Stock appearing after market nose pieces tail pieces are permitted. Fabricated bodies must have OEM A-Post, C-Post and roof.

3. Floor pan, trunk pan, must remain stock and in stock location. Patching where rusted out portions exist may use 22 gauge steel.  Trunk maybe cut out for fuel cell mounting.  If stock fuel tank is ahead of the rear axle; it may be used or it can be removed and replaced with a fuel cell.  If stock fuel tank is behind rear axle it must be removed and replaced with a maximum 8 gallon fuel cell, enclosed in steel can, mounted securely and centered in trunk.  In either case there must be a metal firewall between fuel tank/cell and drivers compartment.  If car uses electric fuel pump it must be wired to shut off when car is not running.

4. Must have trunk. May be fabricated with aluminum

5. Interior trim must be removed. (carpet, headliner, side panels, etc). Any material which is flammable must be removed.

6. Hood must be held shut with at least 2 hood pins.

7. Must add at least 3 crash bars in front of driver. All glass must be removed from car.

8. Fabricated dash board OK.

9. Rear seat and passenger seat must be removed and a minimum 20 gauge sheet metal cover to form a rear fire wall installed to seal rear area of inside of car from trunk area.  "rear firewall is optional. If you are running a fuel cell, rear firewall is mandatory"

10. Doors must remain in stock location.

11. Doors must not be able to be opened-must be securely fastened.

12. May run front bars out in front of radiator through the front and rear firewalls.

13. Fenders and quarter panels MAY be trimmed for tire clearance.

14. The inner fenders/wheel may be removed.

15. Must have at least one hoop bar with 3 door bars on driver’s door. Must have steel tubing 4 point roll cage with a minimum of 3 door bars with vertical bracing from top to bottom. Where bars connect to frame must be steel plate welded to frame in a secure and safe manner. Two straight bars may run from hoop bar to rear of car to form point roll cage.  Loop bars allowed to radiator.  It is mandatory that the drivers side cage shall have a 1/8" steel plate welded to driverside between door skin and door bars at least as wide as the drivers seat (hips to knees) and high as window.  Bars can go through front and rear firewall.

16. Wing/spoiler OK on rear of car.

Stock 4 cylinder engine only. Engine must remain stock as delivered by the factory and must remain in stock location. 2.2 liter maximum allowed.  No Nissan 2.5.   No engine from the factory with over 165 rated hp.  Head and block casting numbers will be checked to confirm this.  NO Cosworth or rotary engines allowed, No quad-four engines allowed. NO turbo-charged or supercharged engines allowed. All engines must be from the manufacturer of the car they are in. NO after-market high performance components will be allowed in the engine or drive train. Stock carburetor or fuel injection system for the make and model of car being competed only.  Only water allowed in radiator and cooling system.  No anti-freeze allowed.   May use water wetter.

18. May remove exhaust pipe and mufflers.  Exhaust manifold or headers ok with pipes extending beyond driver's seat, parallel to the ground.
The following options will be legal for the airbox:

1. Cone filter directly mounted to throttle body
2. Stock air tube with stock air box. No cone filter allowed
3. Maximum of 24" of after market flex tube with a cone filter mounted to the end. No cold air tube hid inside. This will be checked.  Cars must have either ALL stock (option 2) or ALL flex tube (option 3) No mixing of the two.  No cold air intakes allowed.

Engine buy rule: $850 on the motor. $150 for ecu. $1000 for Motor with the ecu Track keeps $100 for techman to assist on engine buy. If a driver refuses to sell, car is DQ'ed and the driver or the car may not compete for the next two races in the FWD division. If a driver refuses to sell for a second time, the driver and car may not compete in the FWD divison for the remainder of the season.
FWD amendment. 5-23-19 No protest or visual protest- Engine/ECM buy only. Only top 5 finishes in Main race can claim winners motor. No counter buys. If 2 people want to buy the winner, the person placing closet to the winner gets first option to buy from winner. Money must be brought to tech within 5 minutes after checkered flag falls.
Engine buy will include everything connected to engine minus harness, transmission, fuel lines and air filter set up goes with buy.  Engine buy will include exhaust manifold, intake manifold, clutch and flywheel.

Only stock suspension parts allowed with the exception of adjustable upper ball joints. Adjustable upper balls joints may be used but you must weld them in place after setting the camber. NO cutting or lightening of suspension parts allowed. Springs MAY NOT be heated or shortened to lower car. NO adjustable strut bushing. Struts may be slotted for camber once camber is adjusted add washer and weld in place.

Functional four wheel OEM braking system must remain stock with no bias adjusters or shut offs allowed.

Any diameter wheels OK. Bead lock OK on right side. Due to the difference in thickness of aluminum and steel wheels, there are no offset requirements. Tires must have DOT stamp and legal for highway use. No performance, trick, fancy or exotic tires of any kind allowed. No less than 300 tread wear rating allowed. Management reserves the right to disallow any tire from use in competition in the class.

22. SEAT:
Aluminum racing seat with minimum 5 point racing harness is required. A Fire Extinguisher with gauge, mounted in quick release harness in reach of driver is MANDATORY. Seats & Belts: Passenger seat and rear seat must be removed.


24. After 3 wins, driver must start his/her next race from the rear. ONLY exception is big money race or special event as deemed by management.

25. Weight- 2150 for all cars.

26. Battery may be moved, but must be in an approved mounting system with a metal cover.

27. All FWD will be required to complete a MANDATORY Safety check prior to racing.


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