2019 General Rules .

1- Any driver caught under the influence of any DRUGS or
ALCOHOL will be disqualified from competition. Breath-o-lyzer
test may be randomly administered to drivers. Refusal to take
test will result in immediate suspension and any other action
deemed appropriate by Officials.

2- There will be no Alcoholic beverages in the pit area during
competition. There will be No Alcoholic Beverages allowed in
the protest area.

3- Scale area is off limits to everyone except top (5) cars and
(1) crewmember from each car.

4-Driver must take the initial green flag in main event to
receive money or points.

5- All prize money should be picked up at end of the racing
event ,If money is not collected it will result in forfeiture of
winnings (NO EXCEPTIONS). NO arguing with official at pay

6- The speedway reserves the right to request a number
change on your car to avoid duplication; or if the number
cannot be clearly seen. Cars are scored from the grandstand,
car numbers must appear on both sides of car at least 24”
high. A number at least 36” high must be applied to the roof,
reading from the passenger side. Color of numbers should be
considered and painted so as to be clearly seen. ALL cars
MUST required weight, and weight penalties listed for engine
run on the driver side of hood or top of fender in 2" tall letters
for heat race and main.

7- For safety reasons, NO one will be allowed on the track
unless asked by an official. Assistance from Official will be
limited to pulling sheet metal from tires. All other repairs must
go to pit area.

8- Cars must be self-starting. If you have to be pushed off,
you are using your time limit and others.

9- Speed limit in the Pit Area is 5 MPH. Black flag is the
penalty for excessive speed.

10- All cars must pass safety inspection by track officials or
they will not be allowed to race

11- All cars must have wrecker hookups, Front & Rear.

12- Hot laps will be given one (1) time for each division. Under
NO circumstance will a car from one division be allowed to
practice with another division.

13- If a driver is driving in more than one (1) division, it is his
responsibility to make it to the line-up for his second race.
The race will not be held up; if driver is not in line-up chute
when cars roll out, he will go to rear of field.

14- No car can be driven in more than one event per night,
unless track grants permission. (i.e. car breaks in heat race.
Another car may be allowed to start the feature if that car
hasn’t participated in another feature that night) Car must fit
in rules for that division. (Young gun cars can run in 2
divisions with 2 different drivers....)

15- Any driver who exits his/her car while race is under way,
for reasons other than fire or driver safety, may be
disqualified and forfeit all money and points earned for that
event. Crew members are not allowed on track unless
directed by an official, violations may cause driver to be

16- Raceceivers are mandatory in ALL divisions!

17- Any driver that wins three consecutive feature events in
one division will start the next race they attend from the rear.
(Unless the next event is a special event or an extra money


1. Any driver jumping the start will be warned once. The
second time they will be Moved back a row. The third
time a driver jumps the start, they will be black flagged and
sent to the pits.

2. Double file starts On BACK STRAIGHT Away (Between start flags) Inside
man sets the pace. It is the outside man’s responsibility to
stay beside him. Flagman starts the race.

3. Restarts will take place between start flags on back  stretch
In the case of a car lagging back drivers are allowed to pass
to the outside only till you pass last start flag!!!!

4. No stopping on the track to avoid getting lapped. This will
result in a lost lap.

5. Dirty driving is not allowed. Driver will be black-flagged and
dealt with by Track Official.

6. Any car intentionally ramming or hitting another car under
caution, will be subject to penalty, which may be immediate

7. Any car determined to be unsafe or causing three (3)
cautions will be black flagged.

8. Any car causing a caution will go to the rear. On initial
starts, in the event of a multi-car accident, cars will line-up
according to original line-up. In the case of a single car spin
on the start of the race that driver will be sent to the rear of
the field. If it is a multi-car spin those cars involved in the
caution will get their positions back.

9. Time limits will be used & (Strongly

10. Race director has final word on any track activities.

11. If it is deemed that a driver intentionally wrecks or spins
another car, track officials have right to penalize that driver
with loss of win, finishing position and or monies for the night.


1. Any car that goes 3 laps down under competition will be
black flagged.

2. Two laps (when stopped at his or hers pits) will be given for flat tire in main event only. Cars
must be on lead lap. Driver must signal flagman or track
steward while entering pits. Driver must stop to bring out
caution to earn laps.

3. The race will end under the green flag, racing back to the
checkered flag unless the race is red flagged. If the race is
red flagged, as soon as track is cleared; the field will receive
the green and white together for 1 final lap of racing.

4. In the event two or more cars cross the finish line at the
same time, the car next to the infield can be declared the

5. The race will be scored by the lead car. All cars that have
been scored in a lap will hold their positions; others will be
scored by the last lap completed.

6. After the race is complete, if you get stuck in the mud, you
cannot be assisted. In the event you must receive assistance,
you will be disqualified. There is a two (2) minute time limit to
get your car out of the mud unassisted.

7. The track will reserve the right to weigh any car after the
race. (Main or Heat).

8. All cars must finish the last lap under their own power. No
help allowed from another car or driver. No person can help
make the white flag. Once a car receives help he will not be
scored the last lap.

9. If the race has to be started single file after two (2)or more
tries at double file start, the cars will be lined up from the
original starting lineup (1-2-3-4- 5-6 etc.) False starts (Jumps)
or debris will not count towards 2 tries @ double file start.

10. In the event that a division has only one heat race, heat
race winner will have the choice of front row position (inside or
outside). If race has to be started single file and winner has
chosen outside then he/she will start from first.

11. A car can run in only one heat race. You must run in the
heat race you draw or start in the rear of the main event.

12. In case the race is cancelled after the halfway point, the
race will be officially complete.

13. If a car brings out the caution on the last lap, he will be
scored at the rear of the lead lap if he is on the lead lap.

14. Top 3 finishers must go to scale for weighing after heats
and mains.

15.Any cars that are 1 lap or more down, must line up behind
lead lap cars.