2020 Safety Rules

1. Fuel cell installed, enclosed and secured correctly.(FWD's may run factory fuel tank)

2. Battery & battery boxes securely fastened and outside of drivers cockpit.

3. ALL lead securely bolted to frame or roll cage with minimum 3/8” bolts (NO DUCT TAPE OR CABLE TIES).

4. ALL lead painted WHITE.

5. ALL drive shafts MUST be painted white.

6. ALL divisions must have a minimum of 1 drive shaft loop securely mounted (2 loops highly recommended).

7. ALL cars must have a quality racing seat, (Aluminum recommended, NO Fiberglass) securely fastened with minimum 3/8” grade 5 bolts, (Gr. 8 recommended, YOUR life may depend on it).

8. ALL divisions must have 3” wide, 5 point seat belt system. Seat belts can be no more than 3 years old (If no SFI tag present you must replace your seat belts. Your life is worth $100). Make sure belts do NOT touch or rub any sharp edges. (Note) we do understand if you choose to run Hans you have to run belts to fit the device....

9. ALL cars must have minimum 2lb fire extinguisher, within easy reach of the drivers, mounted in a bracket that is easily accessible, (NO duct tape or cable tie mounted fire extinguishers).

10. Full fire suit mandatory at all times.

11. Weight must be posted on DRIVER side A-Pillar Roof or on side of left fender..

12. All cars must have atleast 3 bars in front of driver.

13. Any car without full containment racing seat must have full saftey window net...

These rules are meant to protect you in the event of violent crash, which is
always possible in the sport of racing. We will always hope for the best, but
we must also prepare for the worst. PLEASE don’t take your safety lightly. A
few extra dollars spent now could be the few extra dollars that saves your



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