2019 FMS SUPER stock 4 Rules

1. Rear Wheel drive only (Maximum wheel base104"

2. Stock firewall and floor pan in stock location or approved steel in stock location.

3. After market bodies and nosesok.but must be stock appearing and track approved.
A tail piece is optional.spoilers can be 5" with a 1" break making them a 6" maximum.


4. 3 bars in front of driver or screen to protect driver from rocks, ect.

5.OEM transmission with all gears in working order.

6.Stock clutch with steel bell housing or protective shield 1/4" thick that goes around
top and sides of bell housing or multi disc clutch with scatter shield recommended.

7. roll Cage Min 1 1/2".095 steel full roll cage. 8 Anchor points recommended

8. OEM intake that came on cars and trucks production in U.S.  Carb bowl must face forward
9. 4 driver door bars, minimum 3 bars in right door.all major stress points need gussets.
10.Stock chassie(reinforcement in factory lines ok) no full tube chassies.Engine mounted in stock location,valve cover in front of firewall.


11. Shocks:ANY non-adjustable.

12.Stock suspension components in stock location in front. Top shock mounting point may be relocated.Modifying the toyota struts ok .Homemade adjustable coil-over ok(No production coil-over)  jackscrews allowed stock location.

13.Rear-end may be changed. 9" is ok. No Quick change.

14.May use spool,or weld rear-end.No limited slip.

15.Wheels/tires 8"x13" max(bead locks ok).Any 8" Tire(must punch 42 or harder)

Friendship Speedway Super Stock 4 Engine Rules

1. 1Lb per c.c. as Mesured. Minimum weight 2050LBS.after race withdriver (post
 weight on left front fender).

2. 4 cylinder OEM block,you may interchange engine & car model (i.e ford engine in
toyota) OEM intake untouched Header any... Stock crank, stock stroke NO lightening. Pistons:Any flat top,3TC may use .267 dome,20 and 22 mat use .125 dome,Zero deck height Max. rod length 5.7". CARB any 500cfm 2 barrel or smaller may remove choke horn.venturi & Base measurements must pass track gauges. No roller tappet cams, Wet sump,internal oil pumps only. Valves:steel only & no hollow valves. NO titanium or ceramic, Valves,keepers,retainers, push rods, wrist pins,ect.must be steel.

3. Any ignitions boxes or MSD allowed (MEL Distributors OK).

4. No traction control devices.

5.OEM passenger car heads ONLY! No after-market heads,grinding,polishing welding, or glass beading. you may have competion valve job.any angle and any depth.

6. Valve guide boss must remain stock. All angles must be concentric with valve
guide.3/4 bowl cut ok.

7. No aluminum heads on fords.
8. OEM intake that came on cars and trucks production in U.S.  Carb bowl must face forward.